Brian Dominick, Codewriter


I’m looking for opportunities to build integrated documentation systems at forward-thinking engineering shops. Read my objective statement for more.

Employment History

Codewriting, LLC

Principal, Codewriter
maintain open-source technical documentation platform (LiquiDoc CMF); install, instruct, and maintain docs platforms for excellent engineering organizations

Rocana (formerly ScalingData)

Technical Documentation Manager, Engineering Technical Lead
responsible for writing, editing, and managing all customer-facing technical docs, as well as overseeing all common internal documentation; create & maintain tooling to facilitate docs

Activore (Actively Social Networks, Inc)

Co-founder, President, CEO
lead tech & business development teams, product design, fundraising, incorporation, financial management


Project Manager, Sales Manager, Collectivist
reorganize firm into small worker cooperative; acquire new clients; manage ongoing website development projects; found and lead Activore startup

Pete’s Big Mouth, Inc.

Consulting Producer
national radio talk show production for SiriusXM, comedy copywriting, research, listener relations

WebRoot Solutions

Principal, Consultant, Developer
sales, client/project management, website/application development, database architecture, graphic design

Taschen Publishing

Copy Editor, Proofreader
copy edited and proofread book manuscripts on a contract basis

People’s Networks d/b/a NewStandard News

Collective Member, Managing Editor, Co-founder, Developer
nonprofit management, business administration, financial development, website development, news copy and assignment editing, news reporting

Z Media Institute

media activism skills instruction, journalism instruction, social/liberation theory instruction


Editor, Website Administrator, Community Manager
content production, copy editing, writer relations, website development, fundraising campaign direction

Experience Overview

  • 19 years in Internet administration and application development

  • 2 years running a startup using lean-startup methodology

  • Record of dedication to the nonprofit and cooperative sectors

  • 23 years in publishing and media, including print, radio, and Web

  • Solutions-oriented technical, structural, and PR problem solving on a client-by-client basis

  • 17 years experience in nonprofit organizing, management, and consulting

This document is written in AsciiDoc, YAML, and Liquid markup, from which I dynamically render this version as well as an edition in PDF format using my open source documentation build tool, LiquiDoc. You’re welcome to peruse the source.

Achievements Overview

  • Wrote & maintained nearly 300-page Reference Guide for Big Data product (Rocana)

  • Raised > $300,000 investment capital for lean tech startup focusing on health & fitness (Activore)

  • Created and managed online operations and listener relations for national SiriusXM show (Stand Up!)

  • Developed complex social-services public database for New Orleans area (La. Resource Guide)

  • Designed and built custom integrated content-management system and subscriber-management system for major nonprofit news publication (NewStandard News)

  • Managed outreach and fundraising campaigns, secured federal 501(c)(3) status (Peoples Networks)

  • Hundreds of articles/commentaries published in over 50 print & countless online outlets worldwide

  • Spearheaded client relations and developed more than 40 unique websites and online campaigns

  • Provided Internet hosting (web/email services) for 30+ organizations' dynamic online operations

  • Consulted with more than 20 cooperatives and nonprofits on workplace structure and process

To learn how this single-source, multi-output document is drawn from a flat-file datasource, see my blog entry “Resumé-as-code: Small Data Sourcing for Fun & Profit”

Select Skills

  • platform development

  • project/product management

  • Git, Ruby, Bash, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Liquid, AsciiDoc, HTML5/CSS, XML/XSLT, SQL, GraphQL

  • Linux & Windows server administration

  • website & application development

  • database design & administration

  • software purchase consulting

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Volunteer/Activist Background

Action Medical

Street Medic Instructor, Street Medic
Train activists to perform first responder duties where EMS will not tread, including disaster & social unrest scnearios

Constitutional Communications

Technologist in Residence
Set strategic and educational goals, developed programming, advised founder

Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Oversaw management of a community development financial institution

Neighbors Supporting Neighbors

Co-founder, Organizer
Community organizer & meeting facilitator working with Muslim/Interfaith communities on civil liberties

NorthEast Action Medics Association

Co-founder, Certified instructor
Provided educational and “professional” services for volunteer protest first aid providers

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Emergency Medical Technician, IT Consultant
Provided ambulance emergency services to civilians throughout the West Bank, consulted IT & website devs

Eastside Neighborhood Arts, Cultural, and Technology Center (ENACT)

Board Member
Represented member organization (CMAG) on board, developed programming, outreach, fundraising

Westcott Community Center

Board Member
Oversaw and assisted executive director in developing community programming and policy

TAO Communications

Collective Member
Provided online resources to activist organizations worldwide

Active Resistance

Collective Member
Organized major, international conferences for social change activists; handled logistics and education tasks

Community Media Action Group

Co-founder, Collective Member
Assisted local activists and organizations in developing media campaigns and products, including multimedia

ZNet (then ZBBS/Left OnLine)

Community Manager
Volunteered with popular leftist online community to provide user support & member engagement; later hired

Syracuse Peace Council

Volunteer, Newsletter Editor
Assistant volunteer coordinator, assistant editor of monthly Peace Newsletter

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